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Raising A Mogul TV & Podcast

Aug 21, 2017

Listen in as we discuss the parenting process, how and why transparency works, along with the positives and negatives of being your child's friend. Learn what it's like to manage a family while in medical school and the importance of community connection.

Are you confused about how to nurture your child's huge dream? Wondering if you are more of a friend than a parent?

Learn how these amazing moms pushed through life's obstacles to achieve the greatest results and now are champions in their communities and beyond.

Bonus! You get to hear Dr. Jasmine rap while Lisa and I drop the beat!

Jasmine Zapata, MD is a dynamic author, physician, inspirational speaker, and health empowerment educator on a mission to heal, uplift and inspire! Jasmine Zapata is the "Motivational MD"

Learn more about Dr. Jasmine here:



Lisa is a mother, author, mentor and philanthropist.

Learn more about Lisa at




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