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Raising A Mogul TV & Podcast

Aug 23, 2017


Join me and my guest, Ms. Keosha Hinson of Two Mom crew Buffalo and Ms. Moni Brodie of Moni B Cosmetics for this candid conversation about single parenting, marriage on your own terms, transparency and how raising young men can be your greatest joy!

Mrs. Keosha Hinson is a momager, wife, corporate professional, and co-creator of the Two Mom Crew Vlog! We will be discussing her process and how she is raising her boys to become change makers in their community. Listen how she is changing peoples perspective on "proper" parenting in a same-sex blended family!

Ms. Moni Brodie is the CEO of Moni B Cosmetics! Moni will share her insight on leading by example when it comes to our children and entrepreneurship. How did she build multiple brands while helping her young King launch his first? Listen to find out.



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